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Inventory Management:
  • Added support for stock level updates for Volusion integrations, when Inventory management is enabled. As Volusion orders are received, stock levels are updated within ShippingEasy. In addition, ShippingEasy can update Volusion stores with stock level changes. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking for Volusion.


Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced the Link Products tool. This tool allows ShippingEasy to link Product SKUs in ShippingEasy with Product SKUs in the store. Learn more about linking products.

    If there are only a few Product SKUs to link, then the following message is displayed:

    ShippingEasy is accessing your store and updating the SKUs saved in your product catalog.
    This may take several minutes to complete. Please refresh your browser for updates.

    Now, if there are more than 100 Product SKUs to link, an alternate message is displayed:

    ShippingEasy is accessing your store and updating the SKUs saved in your product catalog.
    This will take several minutes to complete. You will receive an email when all SKUs have been processed.

    In this latter case, a confirmation email is sent to the ShippingEasy user, after the Product SKUs are linked.

  • Added support for updating Inventory levels when an original line item on an order is updated in the store. If line items are included in the initial order download from the store, then ShippingEasy receives store updates to those order line items. These line item changes are then used to update Inventory levels in ShippingEasy. For example: if the quantity of a line item is increased, ShippingEasy will show that more stock is committed.
    NOTE: ShippingEasy is unable to receive store updates for line items that are added to an order after the order was initially read into ShippingEasy from the store. However, these line items can be added manually within ShippingEasy. Learn more about editing orders within ShippingEasy.
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