Release Notes thru 2017-02-21

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  • Added a new variable for Packing Slip Templates: Packaging. The {{shipment.packaging}} variable displays the name of the packaging used for the shipment. Learn more about Packing Slip Template variables.
  • Added new optional columns to Shipping Reports: Destination Postal Code, Destination Address Line 1, Destination Address Line 2, Destination Phone. Learn more about Shipping Reports.
  • Enhanced Solid Commerce integration. Additional order data is sent back to Solid Commerce after an order is shipped. This new data benefits merchants who connect their Walmart account with Solid Commerce.
  • Resolved an issue related to multiple box shipments. Specifically when there are many user logins with different label settings. Now, if a user has selected a supported label format, they will be able to create a multibox shipment. Multibox shipments are supported for UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. Learn more about supported label formats for multibox shipments.
  • Resolved an error displaying ALERTS. Specifically when the ALERT pertains to an archived store. Now, if an eBay store is archived, an "expired token" alert will not be displayed. Learn more about eBay authentication tokens.
Inventory Management:
  • Changed the Product name format that is applied when a Variant is removed from another Product. Now, the Variant attributes are no longer used in the Product name.
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