Release Notes thru 2017-02-14


  • Updated Ecwid integration technology to utilize Ecwid's latest API. Existing Ecwid integrations will continue to work as normal, using Ecwid's legacy API. Any store using the older API will have "(Legacy)" after the store name in ShippingEasy. All new Ecwid integrations with ShippingEasy will be connected via Ecwid's latest API. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Ecwid.
  • Enhancement to Stitch Labs integration. If a warehouse is assigned to an order in Stitch Labs, ShippingEasy will display this data in the Custom Field 1. Learn more about Custom Fields. This field is available on Packing Slips and Pick Lists; learn more about customizing Packing Slips and setting up Pick Lists. Custom Field 1 can also be used as a condition within Shipping Rules, allowing shippers to build automation based on warehouse locations; learn more about Shipping Rules.
  • Enhancement to Dimensions field on the READY TO SHIP page. Specifically applying to single line item orders, when the Product SKU has been assigned dimensions within the Products catalog. If a Saved Carrier Selection sets the Packaging type to "Package", the Product dimensions will automatically populate the Dimensions fields.
  • Added a new optional column to Shipping Reports: Return. The Return column indicates if a shipment was a prepaid return label or not. Learn more about Reports.
  • Resolved a problem updating some BigCommerce shipments. Specifically when multiple BigCommerce orders are combined within ShippingEasy and then shipped. Now, each BigCommerce order is updated with shipment information after the combined order is shipped.
  • Removed option to archive Product Categories. Learn more about Product Categories.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Shipping Report - Shipment Margin (Domestic) report. Now, selecting the option to "Only Display Totals" will provide totals by City. Selecting the option to "Display Totals by County" will provide totals by County. Learn more about the Shipping Report - Shipment Margin (Domestic) report.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for support for stock level updates for Ecwid integrations, when Inventory management is enabled. As Ecwid orders are received, stock levels are updated within ShippingEasy. In addition, ShippingEasy can update Ecwid stores with stock level changes. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking for Ecwid stores.
    NOTE: stock level updates is supported for Ecwid stores integrated after Feb. 14, 2017. Ecwid integrations using the legacy API are not supported.
  • Added support to upload additional Product SKU fields via CSV file: UPC, ASIN, ISBN & Active status. Learn more about updating products via CSV file. These fields can also be exported by downloading the Products catalog to CSV file.
  • Enhanced support for importing product data from Shopify stores. Now, ShippingEasy will import the image of each product SKU from Shopify. Learn more about importing Shopify products.
  • Added option to remove a Variant SKU from a Product SKU. Do so on the parent Product SKU details page. Within the "Product Variants" list, click the "x" icon on the line item for any variant that needs to be removed.
  • Resolved an issue updating products via CSV file. Specifically when the Product SKU was assigned to a Product Category, but this field was not updated during the CSV file upload. Now, if the Product Category is not mapped during the upload process, it will not be changed or deleted.
  • Resolved an issue importing product images from Shopify. Specifically for SKU variants. Now, the image assigned to the Variant in Shopify will be assigned to the correct Variant SKU in ShippingEasy.
Customer Management:
  • Added support for email statuses. Each customer's Email History will display the most recent status of each email. Statuses include: Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Bounced, Processing, Dropped. Learn more.
  • Removed Customer Management from the subscription add-on options available to Starter plan subscribers.
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