What do the Email Status values indicate?

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When you look at the list of emails sent to a specific customer, you will see a Status value for each email message:


Those values indicate the interaction your customer had with each email. Only the most recent status is shown and status values can change over time as your customer interacts with each email.

Delivered - ShippingEasy's request to send the email resulted in the email being accepted by the receiving server. Note this does not necessarily mean that the message reached the recipient’s inbox. Some users and some email applications may filter the email away from the inbox even though the email was delivered to the recipient email server.

Opened - ShippingEasy inserts a small, transparent image into all emails. When a customer reads an email, their client email application loads the tracking image which registers the open event with ShippingEasy. Not all email clients load images by default. Microsoft’s Outlook, Apple’s, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, and Google’s Gmail do not load images. As such, there may be many occasions where recipients will have received a message, opened it, and it will never be shown as Opened because there is no way to track the event.

Clicked - ShippingEasy replaces the links in your email templates with a custom link that when clicked, will redirect your customers to the original link from your template. When the user clicks a link in your email, ShippingEasy records the click event and displays a status of Clicked.

Bounced - The email message was returned to the ShippingEasy server that sent it. Bounced emails are either a permanent failure to deliver the email or a temporary failure to deliver the email, based on conditions with the recipient mail server.

Dropped - A dropped email occurs when ShippingEasy identifies a message sent to an email address that is already listed on one of our suppression lists: Bounces, Unsubscribes, Spam reports and Invalid Emails. ShippingEasy does not attempt to send the email.

Processing - ShippingEasy is creating the outbound email message and preparing to send it.

Sent - ShippingEasy has sent the email message and is waiting for a confirmation from the recipient's email server. 


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