How does the "Product has low stock" rule work?

ShippingEasy has the option to create a Shipping Rule that will automatically apply actions to orders that include items with low stock. Learn more about Shipping Rules

Does my account have access to the "Product has low stock" rule?

In order to make use of the "Product has low stock" condition, you'll need to subscribe to ShippingEasy's Inventory management solution. This enables you to set Stock Levels for your Products. Learn more about Inventory

How does the "Product has low stock" condition determine when I have a low stock item?

When you are setting up your Products, you will set a Low Stock Threshold. This can be assigned to individual Products, or to all your Products. This Low Stock Threshold is used to evaluate the "Product has low stock" condition. Learn how to set Low Stock Thresholds.

What happens to orders that meet the "Product has low stock" condition?

That's up to you! Using this rule allows you to specify what actions you wish to take on Products that meet the "Product has low stock" condition.

The most popular application is to apply the action "Assign a category". This action assigns an Order Category to the order. The Order Category is a visual marker and/or filter available on the ORDERS page. It allows you to see at a glance similar orders - in this case, all of them containing Product SKUs with low stock levels. Learn more about Order Categories.

Will this rule prevent me from shipping orders that contain Product SKUs with low stock levels?

No. ShippingEasy is not able to block you from shipping out specific orders. However, this rule will warn you to review the order before shipping. Learn more about filtering unshipped orders

How can I set up this rule?

Check out our illustrated setup guide, including steps to set up Low Stock Thresholds, Order Categories, and the Shipping Rule.


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