How to: Filter Orders with Product Tags

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Product Tags are a great way to organize your products and orders. Learn more about Product Tags.

Product Tags can be used to filter your orders on the ORDERS page. This can help you find a specific subset of orders containing certain products, making for faster reviewing, picking, packing, and batching!

To filter orders by Product Tags:

  1. Navigate to the ORDERS page from the navigation bar.

  2. From the left hand menu, locate and expand the Product Tags filter.

  3. Then begin typing a product tag name. Product Tags that match the characters that you type are displayed automatically


    TIP: you can also specify multiple product tags.


  4. The ORDERS page will immediately update to display only the orders that contain the specified Product Tag(s)
    TIP: to remove a Product Tag from the filter, just click the 'x' next to the Product Tag


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