Release Notes thru 2017-02-07


  • Added a new filter to the ORDERS page: Product Tags. When a Product Tag is typed into the filter, only orders that contain a Product SKU associated with that tag will be displayed. Use this to quickly narrow down to orders that contain a particular type of product. This makes it easier to manage similar orders, such as by batching or flagging with an Order Category. Learn more about Product Tags.


  • Enhanced LABELS settings. Label formats are now specified per-user, rather than for the entire account. This allows individual work stations to designate specific settings for each user login. Learn more about configuring label settings.
  • Updated scheduled recurring shipment reports. Reports are now generated at 4:00am, based on the time zone in the ACCOUNT DETAILS settings. Previously reports were sent at 12:00 am. Learn more about scheduling a recurring shipment report.
  • Updated how an account's list of Stores is displayed. Stores are listed on a number of pages in the app. Now these lists are shown in a consistent order across all pages of the app. Active stores are listed first, followed by the Manual Orders store, and then by any archived stores.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated support for uploading Supplier data via CSV upload. Now the Supplier SKU and Unit Cost are not required in order to assign a Supplier to a Product SKU via CSV upload.
  • Resolved an issue with updating Product SKUs via CSV file. Now, all field changes made via CSV upload will be updated to Product SKUs. This applies even if the only changes are to the Bundled SKU, Alias SKUs, Suppliers, or Product Tags fields.
  • Resolved issues updating Product SKU stock levels. Specifically when orders are combined or split, then cleared. Now, the stock levels for Products contained within cleared orders are correctly updated. This includes when multiple orders are combined and then cleared. As well as if an order is split and any of the resulting orders are cleared.
Customer Management:
  • Updated free trial messages for Customer Management beta. Messages clarify that the Customer Management solution is free during the beta period and the end of the beta period has not yet been set. ShippingEasy will notify all Customer Management subscribers when an end date is set.
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