Release Notes thru 2017-01-31


  • Enhancements to Packing Slip Templates.
    • Added options to customize the display of the shipment line items: alternate row shading or grid. Alternate row shading displays every other row as shaded. Grid draws lines around the list of line items. These options help make the list of line items easier to read. Learn how to add these formats to the shipment.line_items variable.
    • Added support for custom columns within the shipment line items. This allows a custom header to be inserted into the table of shipment line items. Apart from the header row, all other rows in the custom column are blank. A custom column provides space for the shipper to add notes, check marks, etc. Learn how to add a custom column to the shipment.line_items variable.
  • Enhancement to Shopify integration. Added an option to direct Shopify to send a shipment notification email to buyers who purchased via a plugin or third-party application. This option is turned off by default. Learn more.
  • Improved error messaging for the QUICK SHIP: MANUAL ORDER Parse Address tool.
    • An error message is displayed if the address could not be parsed because it did not contain an apartment or suite number.
    • An error message is displayed if the USPS validation data indicates that the address is inactive, vacant, or ambiguous.
  • Improved error messaging for the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Specifically when a user attempts to update their credit card on file with Endicia for postage purchases, but the update fails. The revised error will appear:
    We were not able to update the payment info for the following Endicia accounts: ######
    To update your Endicia payment method for postage purchases you will have to log in to Endicia.
    Get login details and step-by-step help.
  • Added support for in-app messages to help users navigate the features of ShippingEasy. These will appear as contextual tips.
  • Resolved issues updating the store after split or combined orders are shipped. Now, shipments will be updated to the store, even if the original orders were split and/or combined. In addition, the shipped line items will be updated in the store, only as they are shipped.
  • Resolved an issue impacting USPS Delivery Status updates. Now, the most recent tracking event from USPS will be displayed in the "Delivery" column on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  • Resolved issues editing Email and Packing Slip Templates.
    • Clicking within a table cell now places the cursor in the location that the cursor was clicked.
    • The Insert Link dialog is now correctly displayed.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support to assign a Supplier to a Product SKU via CSV upload. To upload Supplier data for a Product SKU, include a "Supplier" column in the CSV upload. The column should include the Supplier Name, Supplier SKU, and Unit Cost in the following format: [Supplier Name]: [Supplier SKU]: [Unit Cost]
  • Added support to invoice for the Inventory Management add-on. Inventory Management will be billed monthly. The cost is tiered, depending on the base ShippingEasy subscription plan. See plan pricing. Learn more about Inventory Management.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Bundled Products. Now, each Product SKU within the Bundled Product must have a quantity equal to 1 or greater.
Customer Management:
  • Resolved an issue affecting access to Customer Management. Now, if Customer Management is removed from a subscription, the account may no longer access the Customers list.
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