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Shopify automatically sends shipment notifications to your buyers after orders are updated as shipped. Yet, ShippingEasy also provides email notification options. Check out these FAQs for answers to common questions.

Why do some Shopify orders not receive a Shopify shipment confirmation e-mail?

When ShippingEasy notifies Shopify about a shipment, by default, ShippingEasy does not include any directives instructing Shopify, as to whether it should send a shipment notification e-mail to your customers or not. This means that whether Shopify sends a shipment notification e-mail or not, is up to Shopify.

For orders that are placed directly in your Shopify store, Shopify will send a shipment notification e-mail, even though ShippingEasy does not request Shopify to do so. There is no way to disable that Shopify shipment confirmation e-mail.

For orders that were placed indirectly, typically via a Shopify application (for example, something like ReCharge), Shopify does not send a shipment notification e-mail by default.

If you want Shopify to send shipment notification e-mail messages for orders that were placed indirectly, check the box in ShippingEasy for the Request that Shopify send a shipment notification to the buyer:


Can I turn off Shopify shipment confirmation e-mails?

There is no way to disable Shopify shipping confirmation e-mails. If you also have e-mail notifications enabled in ShippingEasy, your customer will receive two shipment notifications. We have two great solutions:

Customize your ShippingEasy confirmation emails:

If you would like to continue to send the e-mail from ShippingEasy, you may want to change the text on the Shopify e-mail so it doesn't feel like a duplicate. For example: "Thank you for your order..." 

Learn more about customizing your notification emails.

Turn off shipment confirmation emails in ShippingEasy:

If you would like to only send the e-mail from Shopify, you can turn off the notification in ShippingEasy.

Learn more about disabling notification emails.

Why does Shopify order history say that ShippingEasy sent a shipping confirmation email?

When a Shopify order is shipped in ShippingEasy, ShippingEasy will send an update to Shopify with the shipment details. This shipment update triggers Shopify to send the customer a confirmation to your customer. So the record in Shopify means that the shipment update from ShippingEasy prompted Shopify to send the email. However, ShippingEasy did not actually end the email.


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