Why do some Shopify orders not receive a Shopify shipment confirmation e-mail?

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When ShippingEasy notifies Shopify about a shipment, by default, ShippingEasy does not include any directives instructing Shopify, as to whether it should send a shipment notification e-mail to your customers or not. This means that whether Shopify sends a shipment notification e-mail or not, is up to Shopify.

For orders that are placed directly in your Shopify store, Shopify will send a shipment notification e-mail, even though ShippingEasy does not request Shopify to do so. There is no way to disable that Shopify shipment confirmation e-mail.

For orders that were placed indirectly, typically via a Shopify application (for example, something like ReCharge), Shopify does not send a shipment notification e-mail by default.

If you want Shopify to send shipment notification e-mail messages for orders that were placed indirectly, check the box in ShippingEasy for the Request that Shopify send a shipment notification to the buyer:



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