What is a bundled product?

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A bundled product is an Inventory Integration feature that allows you to assign a single SKU to multiple products. This is useful when you sell multiple products as a "pack" or when you sell the same product in different quantities. You can track bundles accurately in our system without ever having to set up a bundle in your store. If you have an individual SKU in your store, you can set it up as a bundle in ShippingEasy. Unlike merged products, when you bundle products you can remove additional items from the bundle. You can also turn off the bundle option for the specific SKU.

NOTE: There is a difference between bundles and kits. Bundles are items that can be sold together but are not prepackaged. Kits are prepackaged groupings. In ShippingEasy, we would not be able to track the components of these kits as we consider kits to be individual items.

For example:

A merchant who sells socks may offer three packs in different colors. Each of the individual sock colors has a unique SKU - sock_blue, sock_red, sock_black. When bundled using the bundled product feature, these three SKUs can be associated with a parent SKU - sock_3s.

Once products are bundled, stock levels can be adjusted for all associated SKUs. When a merchant sells a pack of any of the three SKUs associated with "sock_3" SKU, each of the individual SKU stock levels will be adjusted as well.

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