Release Notes thru 2017-01-25


USPS rate and service changes:
  • USPS implemented rate and service changes on January 22, 2017. Learn more about the details of these changes. The following updates were made to ShippingEasy in compliance with USPS' updates:
    • Rates for all domestic services were updated. These include Commercial Base and Commercial Plus pricing.
    • Rates for USPS confirmation options were updated, including Adult Signature and Signature Confirmation.
    • The READY TO SHIP page displays PS 2976-A as the customs form for Priority Mail International Small Flat Rate Box and Flat Rate envelope shipments. Learn more about USPS customs forms.
  • Improved performance when using Global Search to search for an email address. Learn more about Global Search.
  • Enhancement to the CREATE MANUAL ORDER form, Saved Addresses field. Now, the Company Name is shown in the type-ahead results. Learn more about the Saved Addresses field.
  • Updated the name of the Ecwid integration from "Ecwid" to "Ecwid (Legacy)". This is in preparation for a future release of a new Ecwid integration.
  • Removed some FedEx pricing from the READY TO SHIP page. Prices for FedEx confirmation and Saturday options are no longer displayed. Since these rates can be negotiated with FedEx, merchants should confirm their rates for these services with their FedEx account manager.
  • Resolved an error editing some international orders. Now, an international address may be edited, even it if does not contain a postal code.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the creation of some manual orders. Specifically when a manual order is created by parsing an address into ShippingEasy. Now, if the address cannot be correctly parsed, the order cannot be created. Instead, an error message will be displayed, indicating that the address could not be parsed. To resolve the error, the address can be manually copied and pasted into the form. Then the order can be created. Learn more about creating a manual order.
  • Resolved an issue impacting the use of the Browse Rates tool on the READY TO SHIP page. Specifically when a service and package combination is selected from the Browse Rates tool. Now, the "Carrier Selections" Packaging field will be updated with the correct selection.
Inventory Management:
  • Improved performance of the PRODUCTS page. Specifically in the case of catalogs that include a large number of product variants.
  • Resolved an issue updating Product SKU stock levels. Specifically when an order contains multiple line items with the same Product SKU. Now, the Product SKU stock quantities are updated to reflect accurate committed and available stock levels.
  • Resolved an issue updating Product SKU stock levels for eBay orders. Specifically when the Product SKU is included on an eBay order that is cancelled within the eBay account. Now, the Product SKU stock level is correctly updated after the eBay order is cancelled.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the display of product data on the PRODUCTS page. Now, the Low Stock Threshold value is displayed on this page, for each Product SKU with a specified value.
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