Release Notes thru 2017-01-17


  • Version 4.12.1 has been released for Mac and Windows. It contains the following fixes and features:
    • Added the ability on the Printers tab to permanently exclude a printer from the list of printers that is displayed in ShippingEasy.
    • Added option to log in via keyboard commands on OSX.
    • Added option to "send logs to support" from the welcome window if there is a problem logging in.
    • Enhanced scale functionality. Outside programs may access a scale that is connected to ConnectEasy.
    • Faster connection, document download, and shut down speeds.
    • Improved error and data logging.
    • Added a "Settings" tab. This features a checkbox to allow users to tell the client "not to keep documents," which is the default setting.
    • Added support for HTTP, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies.

    Learn how to update to the latest version of ConnectEasy.

    • ShippingEasy now receives shipment tracking events for USPS shipments directly from USPS. Previously, these tracking updates were received via Endicia. This change impacts how the Delivery Status is reported on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. The same Delivery Status icons will be used to indicate the status of the shipment. Learn more about the Delivery Status icons. There are also several enhancements to the Delivery Status feature on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page:
      • The Delivery column can be sorted. Clicking the Delivery column once will sort with all Delivered shipments shown first. Clicking the column again will sort shipments without a tracking status first.
      • Hovering the mouse over a Delivery icon will provide more detail, if available. For example, the green clock indicates "Scanned in Route". The status details may include notes such as “In Transit” followed by extra information like “Left sort facility.”
      • A new filter has been added: Delivery Status. USPS shipments can be filtered by the following statuses: New, In Transit, Delivered, Delivery Error, Unknown. Learn more about filtering shipments.
      NOTE: the new Delivery Status features are only available for USPS shipments created since January 11, 2017. Shipments that were delivered by USPS prior to January 11th will not display any delivery tracking status at all. Also, the shipping label must be purchased through an Endicia account opened through ShippingEasy. Endicia accounts opened outside of ShippingEasy, then connected externally, will display data from the Endicia server. In this latter case, the Delivery Status column sorting, status details, and filtering options will be unavailable.


  • Improvement to USERS settings page. The list of users is now displayed sorted alphabetically by first name. Previously users were sorted alphabetically by last name. The admin user is listed first and archived users are listed below all other active users.
  • Added international address validation. Previously, only domestic addresses were validated. If the international address does not validate, then the order will be flagged on the ORDERS page. The address type will show an invalid address error (marked with a red triangle with an exclamation point). This allows shippers to review invalid addresses before shipping. Learn more about filtering for invalid addresses. It is advised to correct any invalid address before shipping. Failing to do so may result in non-delivery. Learn more about troubleshooting international addresses.
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