Replace an Existing Store Integration | How To

If you have updated your store platform subscription, you may need to replace your existing store integration to ensure that all of your orders are accounted for. Replacing a store integration can also be used as a way to troubleshoot any platform where orders are failing to sync, however, this should be used as a last resort. Learn more about how often orders are synced with ShippingEasy.

There are 3 steps to replacing an existing store integration:

  1. Archive the existing store.
  2. Delete the unshipped orders.
  3. Integrate the new store so unshipped orders will re-sync

We have detailed each step below, or you can simply skip to the section you need help with.

As each store integration is unique, if you integrate two stores with the same orders you would see duplicate unshipped orders. Be sure to review any account settings such as Shipping Rules and Store Settings to make sure they have been updated and apply to your new store integration.

First, delete/archive the existing store:

  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS icon from anywhere in ShippingEasy and click on the STORES & ORDERS page under the INTEGRATION column.

  2. To delete a store, click on the X button that is to the right-hand side of each store's information.
  3. A pop-up dialog will open to confirm you would like to delete the store. Click OK to delete the store.

Next, delete any unshipped orders.

If you have any unshipped orders on the READY TO SHIP screen, click the 'x' to send them back to the ORDERS page. Once the orders are back on the ORDERS page, you can delete them by following these steps:

  1. Click on ORDERS in the blue navigation bar. 
  2. Check the box next to the orders that need to be removed.
  3. Click the grey More button and select Remove Orders.
  4. Review your selection and confirm that you would like to proceed.  Remember - this action cannot be undone!

Last, integrate your new store so unshipped orders will re-sync:

You will need to be logged in with the Account Owner user login to add a new store.
  1. Navigate to the SETTINGS tab from anywhere in the ShippingEasy app and click on the STORES & ORDERS link. The STORES & ORDERS page will display all of the stores that you've added to your account.
  2. To add another store, click on the +Add New button.
  3. On the NEW STORE page, select your new store type from the Platform menu.
  4. Depending on the platform, you will be prompted to provide a store URL and/or other credentials. Links to specific directions for integrating the selected store can be found underneath the credential fields. See our complete list of integration guides.

Once complete, your new stores' orders will start syncing within 15 minutes. Learn more about the initial order download.


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