How to: Upload Customer information to Customer Management via a CSV file

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ShippingEasy's Customer Management solution is a great way to keep track of, and in touch with your customers - directly from ShippingEasy. Learn more about this feature.

As ShippingEasy identifies new buyers from your orders, these will be automatically saved to your ALL CUSTOMERS page. However, if you have past or potential buyers you wish to email, those can also be added, by uploading them via CSV file.

If you're completely new to CSV files, you might consider looking over these articles:

Before you begin to import into ShippingEasy, we suggest you open up any exported CSV files into a spread sheet program like Microsoft Excel or Numbers for Mac users. This way you can review the data, make any necessary edits and ensure that you have all the required data. These articles will help you review and clean up your file if necessary:

Once your CSV file is ready to go, it's time to upload it to ShippingEasy.

To upload a CSV file of customer contacts to your Customer Management - ALL CUSTOMERS page:

  1. Prepare a CSV file of the contact information for upload. Download a sample file.
    NOTE: each entry in the CSV file must contain a name and email address for upload to Customer Management.


  2. Save the file in CSV format. Learn more.

  3. Click on the MARKETING tab in the blue navigation menu bar, and select CUSTOMER LISTS from the drop down menu.
  4. Click the Upload Customers link at the top of the page, just beneath the Send Email button.

  5. Click Browse to locate the CSV file on your computer.
    Note: the file must be a CSV (e.g. "addresses.csv") and no larger than 3MB.

  6. Choose the file and select Open.

  7. Click the Upload file button.

  8. The next page will ask you to match your CSV fields (source columns), to the ShippingEasy fields. Select a field from each drop down menu in the Source Column, that best matches the field in the ShippingEasy Column. Match as many fields as necessary, including those required, indicated by an asterisk. The fields include:

    • * Name (Full Name)
    • * First Name (Only required if Full Name is not specified)
    • * Last Name (Only required if Full Name is not specified)
    • Company
    • Address Line 1
    • Address Line 2
    • City
    • State/Province (Abbreviations must be UPPERCASE letters only)
    • Country (If country is not specified, we will automatically assign United States)
    • Zip Code
    • * Email (Required for Customer Management)
    • Phone Number
    • Tags

      * Indicates a required field

  9. As a final step in uploading your file, you'll be asked to verify any addresses included. Verifying addresses when saving them can save you time later when processing shipments. However, if you would like to skip this step, check the box to Skip Address Verification.


  10. If you plan to match another .csv file with the same column headings in the future, give these settings a name in the Save these settings for future imports as: field.  

  11. Click Continue

  12. Once the file has been uploaded, it will be displayed in the UPLOAD CUSTOMERS review page in the "Current Uploads" tab. Click READY to review your uploaded file and correct any address verification errors (if you opted to do this).

  13. Any invalid entries will appear at the top of the list. There are three options available when managing invalid addresses:
    1. Remove the line:

      Remove any address from the upload by clicking the Remove_button.png on the right end of each row.Customer_contact_upload_-_Remove_address_button.png

    2. If you included shipping addresses, you can Skip Address Verification for individual addresses:

      Check the box under Skip Address Verification.

      NOTE: if you opt out of verification for individual addresses, you will not be prompted to correct the address later, when shipping to that address. Shipping to an address that cannot be verified assumes risk of non-delivery.


    3. If you included shipping addresses, you can Skip Address Verification for all addresses in the file:

      If you did not elect to skip address verification using the tick-box at the bottom of the field matching page, and you would now like to skip validation for all addresses, click the link to Reprocess & Skip Verification. This will take you back to the UPLOAD CUSTOMERS page where you will see the green READY button again. 


      NOTE: If you choose to skip verification for all addresses, and later use these addresses to create manual orders, you will still be alerted to the unverified addresses in the app. Learn more about address alerts.
      If you skip validation individually, you will no longer see the red alert triangle in the app (as you already chose once).


  14. When you are satisfied, click the Complete Upload button.

The contact information will now appear on the CUSTOMER ADDRESSES page. If you included email address information, your customer(s) will be added to the ALL CUSTOMERS page as well. You can return to the ALL CUSTOMERS page in Customer Management using Step 3 above.

If you have trouble uploading your customer contact information, you can reach out to our Support Team.
  • New accounts still in the registration process will see a link with our email listed under Need help integrating?
  • Paid subscribers, who have already set up their ShippingEasy account, will see links to email, call, or chat in the top left corner in app.
  • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our team will be happy to assist.

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