Release Notes thru 2017-01-10


Customer Management:
  • Option added to upload a CSV file of contact information to the Customer Management list. This allows merchants to store contact information for past and prospective buyers.
    NOTE: each entry in the CSV file must contain an email address, as well as a postal address. In a future enhancement, the postal address requirement will be removed. Share feedback in our Beta Feedback forums.

    Learn how to upload your contacts.

    Once uploaded, the contact information will also be saved to the CUSTOMER ADDRESSES page. This makes it available when creating Manual Orders. Learn more.

  • Option added to download a CSV file of customers from the Customer Management list. This allows merchants to process buyer data outside of ShippingEasy. The following data is included in the download:
    • Contact information: name, email address, postal address, and identifier for international customers.
    • Marketing information: if marketing or transactional emails are allowed, and applicable opt out date.
    • Buyer information: status, first and last order data, tags, and products purchased.

    Find the option to download customer data on the CUSTOMERS page, via the Download Customers link. Clicking this link will prompt ShippingEasy to compile a file. When the CSV file is ready, an email is sent to the ShippingEasy User's email address with a download link.


  • Enhancements to the PACKING SLIP TEMPLATE and EMAIL TEMPLATE editors. Key changes include:
    • The menus for Store Variables, Recipient Variables, and Shipment Variables have been moved to the horizontal toolbar. This allows for more horizontal space within the editor.


    • Images files can now be dragged and dropped directly from the computer desktop or folder into the editor. The image will be displayed inline and automatically added to the ShippingEasy Image Library.
  • Enhancement to the QUICK SHIP pages, including the CREATE MANUAL ORDER and CREATE RETURN LABEL forms. Now, the Saved Addresses menu features a type-ahead search, instead of a drop down with all saved addresses. To locate an address, type at least two characters of the customer's first name, last name, street address, or city. ShippingEasy will then display the entries that match. The list is narrowed down as more characters are typed. More than 25 results can be viewed by scrolling to the bottom of the list. This prompts additional matches to load automatically.
  • Update to the Upload Products icon on the PRODUCTS page. The old icon was a folder and has been replaced with an upward arrow. This change makes the icon consistent with other Upload links in the app.
  • Added a new Shipping Margin report: International. This report is similar to the Shipping Margin (All) report, except that U.S. order data is excluded. Learn more. There are now three versions of the report: All, Domestic, and International.
  • Enhancement to the Shipping Margin (Domestic) report. Now County data is available. The Destination County is included in individual order data. The Total Number of Counties is included in the Totals summary.
Inventory Management:
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