Can I download USPS rate tables?

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Yes! USPS makes their rate tables available for download to a CSV file from

USPS published different rate tiers:

There are three pricing types:

Your ShippingEasy gets you access to specific Commercial pricing:

The pricing type you receive in ShippingEasy depends on your subscription selection.

All Endicia First Class accounts feature Commercial Base Pricing (CBP), right out of the box.

The rates provided for Endicia Int'l and Expedited accounts vary based on which subscription plan you have chosen with ShippingEasy:

  • Our free Starter subscribers will receive Commercial Base Pricing (CBP).
  • Paid subscribers (on the Basic or higher plans) will receive Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on the services that qualify.

To download rate tables via CSV file from

  1. Navigate to USPS' Mailing & Shipping Prices page 
  2. Click the Downloadable Files link.
  3. Click the CSV file next to the service(s) you are looking for.
  4. Once the file(s) downloads to your computer, open the file(s).

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