ShippingEasy's Greenest Way To Ship

As the holidays approach, your shipping increases. ShippingEasy understands this impact on the planet and wants to offset some damage by introducing ShippingEasy's Greenest Way To Ship using carbon-neutral shipping.

Between November 10th and January 12, 2023, any time you create a label in ShippingEasy using One Balance wallet carriers, USPS and UPS, you will automatically participate in the Greenest Way to Ship promotion. Your company will be able to:


You must have your ShippingEasy One Balance account set up and funded.

Select Greenest Way to Ship for Orders

ShippingEasy will display a carbon-neutral icon ODET_Carbon-Neutral_Icon.png next to all qualifying carriers.

There are two ways to view carbon-neutral shipping options:

Your Greenest Way to Ship Impact

Each month you will receive your Greenest Way to Ship Scorecard to see the results of your monthly shipments. The Scorecard is formatted to share with your customers.

Using ShippingEasy's carbon-neutral program is a great way to:

  • Lower your carbon footprint impact!

  • Further your brand recognition by going green! Conscious customers are quick to notice these changes.

  • Support the Dempsey Ridge Wind project.

Opt-Out of Greenest Way to Ship

Non Reversible Action

If you choose to disable the Carbon Offset Program, you will not be able to opt back in.

Go to your My profile settings by clicking the drop-down next to the login name. 

Click V to the right of your name and select My Profile.

Uncheck the box next to Carbon Offset Program.


Click Save.



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